Download Nomination Forms for Local Govt. Election Punjab

Election Commission of Pakistan has published the nomination forms for local government election in Punjab. You can download all required forms by clicking the links given below. These forms can be downloaded from ECP (Election Commission of Pakistan) official site also.

 Download Nomination Forms for Local Govt. Election Punjab 2013

Download Nomination Forms for Local Govt. Election Punjab

Download Nomination Forms for Local Govt. Election Punjab

Nomination Forms (Local Govt) Punjab.

Form – II(A) download

Form-II (B) download

DRO/RO/ARO download

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Form I Notice Inviting Nomination Papers
Form III Notice of Nomination Papers Received
Form IV For Candidature Fee
Form V Register for Payment of Candidature Fee
Form XII Ballot Paper Account
Form XIII Consolidated Statement of Result By Presiding Officers
Form XIV (A) Return of Uncontested Election
Form XV Return of Election Expenses
Form XVI Affidavit to be Sworn By A Candidate
Form XVII Statement of Assets and Liabilities
Form-II (A) Nomination Form Election to A Union Council or Ward
Form-II (B) Nomination Form of Chairman and Vice Chairman of Union Council as Joint Candidates
Form-II (C) Nomination Form (Reserve Seates)
Form-II (D) Nomination Form
Form-IX List of Tendered Ballot Papers
Form-VI List of Validly Nominated Candidates
Form-VII List of Contesting Candidates
Form-VIII Notice of Hours of Poll
Form-X Challenged Votes List
Form-XI Statement of The Count
Form-XIV Return of Election
Notification 10-11-2013 Declaration Form

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