Mere Humrahi Episode 15 – 18 November 2013 Review

Mere Humrahi Episode 15 - 18 November 2013 By Ary Digital

Mere Humrahi Episode 15 – 18 November 2013 By Ary Digital

Mere Humrahi Episode 15 – 18 November 2013 Review 

There ought to be an individual in our lives, who can help us in settling on choices and who can raise his/her voice for us in any circumstance. Hania’s nature is much the same as that, she’s some assistance for every living soul, however what she receives as an exchange is not what she deserves.

Hania’s guardians in law requested that her talk with Ahmed’s sister that they have got a proposal for her. The point when Hania asked her, she came to realize that the young lady cherishes her cohort. She made her comprehend that the fellow she adores might as well send a proposal for her yet her sister in law demonstrated Hania that the gentleman was the most youthful in his family and that first his sisters might get hitched furthermore, he will do Mba now, then would request work so work then she needs to hold up. Hania, sat down and had a definite talk with her sister in law that assuming that she comprehended the issues of that gentleman than why wouldn’t he be able to comprehend her master. She additionally told that provided that he truly tends to her then he might as well have got captivated with her.mere humrahe734 Hania likewise clarified that she will help her agree her guardians heart to concur for the engagement however assuming that he doesn’t get prepared, than she needs to put stock in the way that folks dependably make the right choices for us.

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At the eating table, Hania accepts a call from her mother, who gives her great news that she will turn into a phuppo soon. Thereafter, when Hania turned out from her sister in law’s room, Ahad got her hand which made her bothered and she attempted to take her distribute yet she proved unable. Hania’s sister in law saw this and she asked Ahad to abandon her hand any other way she will inform every living soul regarding it. Ahad made Hania’s hand free and pursued his sister to prevent her from advising.

Subsequently Hania came to realize that Ahad was taking retribution from his family, she chastened him for this in his room. At the same time prepare to have your mind blown. When she left Ahad’s room Hania’s relative saw her.

Presently what will Hania’s mother by marriage consider? Will Hania enlighten everything regarding Ahad? By what method will the family respond? Will Hania advocate herself?for these responses continue viewing…………..

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