Tariq Aziz Show 6th September 2013 by PTV Home

 Tariq Aziz Show 6th September 2013 by PTV Home online

 Tariq Aziz Show 6th September 2013 (Bazm -e- Tariq Aziz) by Pakistan Television Network on 6th September 2013. Tariq Aziz Shw is a very very popular Television Show. Tariq Aziz Sb. is one of the most old person on PTV. Always his show remain hit on ptv. Many other channels tried to telecast the shows like show of Tariq Aziz, but the other channels can’t reach on the TRP of Tariq Azia Show. Before this show there was a show like this Bazm e Tariq Aziz with the name of Neelam Ghar. That time Nail Ghar was very hit show. Basically Neelam Ghar and Tariq Aziz Show are a talks show, general knowledge and quiz show. Mr. Tariq Aziz is hosting this show from last 36 Years on PTV. For a little bit period the host was change in this lang period. This show is oldest show of PTV. Till now this is most popular show. Mr. Tariq Aziz due to his  great personality, voice and confidence, he fit for such as shows.  Please don’t forget to give comments on  Tariq Aziz Show 6th September 2013.

 Tariq Aziz Show 6th September 2013 (Tune.pk links)

 Tariq Aziz Show 6th September 2013

Tariq Aziz Show 6th September 2013

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